Curtis Blues
plays Mississippi Delta Blues from the 1920's to the 1940's.


My Story:

I started playing blues harmonica when I was fourteen years old.
When I first heard harp playing blues, bending the notes, it expressed my deepest feelings. People who love the blues, feel it in their hearts.

My shows express my own lifetime of research in the history of blues. From the African Gourd Banjo carried over on slave ships, to the one string "diddley bow" and home made cigar box guitar, and then on to the metal resonators guitars popular in the 1930's. All the instruments played by the early bluesmen before the electric guitar drowned out the acoustic guitar.

Today much of my preservation of the blues is in school where I am a certified Arts Integration teacher through the Teachin Artist Institute.

Every day I play I learn more about expressing deeper emotion through my music. It grows with my life.

Curtis Blues

High school dance,1971

First Guitar, age 7.

Beatle mania! 1964